Posted Thu, Mar 04 2021 09:58 AM CST

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I am thinking about moving west to South Dakota or maybe Colorado. I’m looking for a local livestock haul job where the money is rite. I currently live in Kentucky but want to move west as a benefit to my kids and myself. I think bringing your kids up around livestock and farming gives kids a better look on life then in a city. I was brought up on a farm and around livestock as my cousin use to own a crop production and three close family member to me Hauled livestock and I use to go a lot with them and I also have hauled livestock out west and one the east coast also hauled them coast to coast. I have hauled cattle-hogs and sheep!!! I love driving over the road with it but I have kids now and need to prioritize that and be here for them as they grow up. I remember my father driving over the road hauling cattle never home I didn’t know who he was most times. want to be able to Bring my kids with me every once in awhile to get them use to being around animals and teach them that it’s okay to get your hands dirty. Would be nice to live somewhere around a big livestock operation so that when my kids get old enough to work they can start there!! Be great experience for them to have that experience under there belt and if they make the rite decisions in life they won’t need a collage degree!! I have a class A cdl and I also have about 2 years of livestock experience also have experience with a 4 deck trailer. I’m going to be 29 at the end of the month. So if you know or you have a local livestock hauling position let me know open to moving from North Dakota to Texas and west of them states!! Thanks. REPLY REPLY WITH QUOTE