Posted Wed, Sep 01 2010 06:38 AM CST
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Just wondering if anyone else sees the trend?  I am all for everyone making money.  I believe if eveyone is making some money the whole country works better.  I just wanted to give my opinion and does everyone notice that when it slows down your big dispatchers don't call often and their prices go down so it really don't bother you that their not calling?  Now it seems that it is going to pick up a little again and I don't know about everyone else but my phone has rang a few times.  30 days to get your money, 10 to 20 cents under where the rate should be and everyone goes back to helping them..  5% of 3.50/mile is 17.5 cents a mile and 5 % of 2.00 is 10 cents a mile...  They are doing pretty good fellas??  If we could all stick together we could get this industry back where it needs to be..  Please let us know your thoughts.