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Posted Fri, Feb 12 2010 01:05 AM CST
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We have Tri Pack, Rig Master, and Carrier.  We have had the most luck with Carrier.   The drivers really like the comfort of them.  They like the nights sleep that they get with the packs.  We have had less turbo trouble since we placed them on the trucks.  We have extended our engine oil service period also.  Over all I like that we have them.  The bad part is that they weigh around 500 lbs.  Good luck.

Posted Fri, Feb 12 2010 06:05 AM CST
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i use a pro heat it heats the engine and cab i got 1.2 miilon miles on and the engine still runs great and uses no oil never bin rebuilt so that tells me that it not only saves fuel but extended the life of my engine from having no idle time

Posted Fri, Feb 12 2010 09:32 AM CST
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Thanks for the info

Posted Fri, Feb 12 2010 09:58 AM CST
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Any one have any imput  on these ap units good , bad or is there any thing out there better just trying to cut down on ideling

Posted Sun, Feb 14 2010 09:29 AM CST
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I have made a in depth study of apu units ------the carrier as well as the tripac use a invertor set up to supply 110 volts.this is their basic weak link.The tripak in my eyes is a better unit quieter as well as auto start.for heat both of thse use a webasto type setup which is diesel fired.if you just need heat the webasto unit can be added for about 10 lbs total.this supplys nothing to the truck engine though.the tripac has a added ackage to supply heat to the truck engine.last I knew carrier did not.Rigmaster or what ever it is called now is a fairly tough setup with a TRUE generator and no ugly little condensor for the ac that has be hung on the sleeper.it has enough cpacity to power the engine block heater as well as other assecorys.The main drawback I see on them is they run at a higher speed and are noiseier than the tripac/carrier as well as when the auto start provision is enabled they shake the truck when they start..they have a better ac in them with more cpacity than the others.The blackrock is a high cpacity unit with the quiet package comes close to the noise levels of the tripac-----it has large ac capacity as well as being a true generator for shore power loads and is fairly durable except it takes more frame rail to install and is higher priced.as well it has a radiator surge tank that mounts on the sleeper

the pros and cons of each of these units can be discussed in depth but if you have a thermo king dealer in your back yard the choice would be obvious as their dealer network would be able to take care of you better.probably same goes with the carrier.I just dont like the fact the condensor mounts on the sleeper with that vibrating little fan motor and the smaller ac cpacity of them.

I dont think any one unit will work for everyone as each driver will have differnent heat and ac demands--so in other words a carrier or a tripac wouldnt be the best for a freightliner condo but might be the answer for a flatop pete hvac wise.My choice is the rigmaster with the higher cpacity true 110 volt power as well no junk to hang on the outside of the sleeper.The black rock is second