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Posted Fri, Feb 20 2009 10:00 AM CST
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That would be nice, but can I make a suggestion? PC Miler has just came out with a dash mount GPS unit just for truckers, its just like the ones you buy for your car but slightly bigger so it easier to see. It is very user friendly. PC Miler is a truck based milage progam. We did a comparssion between a Garmin (for your car) and a PC Miler GPS unit. The PC Miler was better for trucks because it routed you on the right roads. The Garmin would route you on roads that were restricked to trucks. I have used PC Miler on a lap top since 1991. I would not ever drive truck without it again. It is nice to be able to run the route before you start your trip. Some times it will supprise you the route it takes and the way you think it should go. The savings in out of route miles can make differance. It even breaks down the state miles, its great for figuring the log book too. You can buy it @ TA truck stops or on line @ dieselboss.com REPLY REPLY WITH QUOTE
Posted Tue, Apr 14 2009 03:32 AM CST
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a good mileage calculator that breaks down the mileage in each state would be very helpful. REPLY REPLY WITH QUOTE