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Posted Mon, Feb 16 2009 10:00 AM CST
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I think if your resorting back to old phone ways, then do it, i move anywhere from 20 to 30 loads per week, and use the old phone ways to get them, i know that not everybody out there has access or resources like some do but with this rating system its like small guys that end up upside down! REPLY REPLY WITH QUOTE
Posted Mon, Feb 16 2009 10:00 AM CST
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The load volume decrease is in line with the seasonal load counts and many including myself only post loads that are not able to covered by the people that run hard for us in the fall. It will be the same way in the summer as it is every year. This site is and has been cutting edge since the merger with Livestock Loads. The site does not decrease load counts. We as shippers use the site after our regular guys are taken care of. REPLY REPLY WITH QUOTE
Posted Mon, Feb 16 2009 10:00 AM CST
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I agree with the earlier poster! Freight is just not there to be posting. Any loads that I get extra goes to those trucks that have helped me threw the years, I try and take care of them first. Then if I have anything extra I will post it. This time of year, (just as the same as all the years past) is our slow period and the freight is just not to be had! Give it a couple months, it will change. So the loads falling off due to the rating system is just not so, for me anyway! I'm not to sure how the ratings affect me, if any. All this shows you is somebodies like or dislike for you, and in this business you are not going to keep everyone happy all the time. At some point you are going to have a transgression with someone. What this does give me is the ability to not call Joe Blow if he gives me a bad rating and I had no clue that he was mad at me. Saves me the time and money of a bad call. So in this way, maybe it does penalize the poster, but it should not be seen as a bad thing because everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. If you are posting a bad grade just because you were shorted out of small amount of money on one load then something is wrong. But if you are posting a bad report because you have been shorted on several loads, or the pay has taken forever or the load in someway is not as advertised. Then we have a reason to legitimize our complaint. There are so many things wrong in this industry and this board is not one of them. Give it some time and the freight will start up again, we just have to be patient, it's this way every year. PrimeTime REPLY REPLY WITH QUOTE
Posted Mon, Feb 16 2009 10:00 AM CST
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This is in response to a feedback response about load counts----GARBAGE.I have had 4 occasions in the last week and a half where major load posters have used a phone chain to pass along the loads.You know the one carrier calls another who then calls another deal.One of these posters has owed us in excess of 90 days on a load.When I questioned motives of why they didnt use the loadboard he stated he did not want rated .The excuse of helping the fall runners is a little lame espcially knowing the fact that if you wernt running in the fall ----you didnt own a phone.The ratings sytem must be reformed in a manner to allow for comments by the people that have a negative comment left--as well as a possibility to explain ratings. also the pop up personal adds on the site are not truck related and are unneccesary advertising as well REPLY REPLY WITH QUOTE
Posted Mon, Feb 16 2009 10:00 AM CST
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Posted Wed, Feb 18 2009 10:00 AM CST
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The load board is not the reason it is slow now. These are the slow months.Any trucker that has been in business for very long knows this. Don't just sit and look at the board, get on the phone and talk to people. Some of us can stay busy when the rest are sitting. REPLY REPLY WITH QUOTE
Posted Mon, Feb 23 2009 10:00 AM CST
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Posted Tue, Apr 14 2009 03:29 AM CST
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It seems interesting that since the scoring was implemented the load volume has fallen a great deal----I think a average days to pay would of been a better way to rate truck brokers as well as order buyers than the current method.It needs to be broken down differently for carriers that pass out loads--it seems to be unfair they would get a 1 rating simply because of days to pay disputes by both parties.At this time the site is becoming rapidly not cost effective due to loads not being posted ----a lot of guys are bcak to the old phone method REPLY REPLY WITH QUOTE