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Posted Sat, Jul 16 2011 07:45 PM CST

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Just found the Livestock Network sitting around trying to relax. Looks like some good info on here. I have been trucking for myself for almost 8 years now. I am kicking around the idea of hauling cows. The way I see it, its the only thing I can think of where the shipper and customer are glad to get you loaded/unloaded. I have been yanking a tank hauling bulk chemicals for awhile now and it drains alot out of me sitting in plants waiting for someone to get off break so they can load/unload me. Or better yet, load a load monday that delivers wednesday and its only 800 miles. Getting a trailer, ins, etc isnt a problem, Ive had it before. I guess my biggest worry is how long I can run before I am just sitting at the house and all the bedrooms are re-painted. Is hauling cattle real seasonal? Or if you willing to hustle the work and do your homework you can pretty much stay busy? Ideally, I wanna haul out of the southeast (la, ms, al, ga, fl) to texas, ok, ks etc. West of Texas is outta the question due to some crap I stirred up with New Mexico, but thats another story. I hear cattle hauling is wide open right now, so I figured it would be the best time to get my foot in the door with some places to make things a little easier in slower part of the year. Any info is greatly appreciated, and if it all works out maybe I will join yall someday soon. Thanks again.