Posted Mon, Aug 21 2017 11:57 PM CST

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I'm thinking about buying my own truck and running cattle. I'm 23, have 4 years driving experience and have hauled a handful of loads of cows. I'm a hard runner with what I'm doing now. I was just curious as to if anybody would be willing to let me pull a bull wagon if I bought my own truck. I know it's an elite industry and rather hard to get into but everybody has to start somewhere. I'm currently looking at trucks now but would like to be able to present proof of work to show the bank I'll be able to keep the truck busy and make consistent money. I'm currently in northeast Pa but I'm single, young and want to run so I might be willing to sell my house and just run for somebody almost nonstop and run anywhere. If anybody has any suggestions or interested in possibly hiring I'll take any advise or anything I can get. My email is claytaninies@yahoo.com and you can call me at 570-229-0274. Thanks. REPLY REPLY WITH QUOTE