Posted Fri, Dec 09 2016 02:41 AM CST

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Fair warning, you will be billed per hour at 80 dollars. Was told that they were the cheapest one around. I don't know anyone who would pay more to washout than they would to citrus wash and brush the whole truck and trailer.

My washout with hog deck 2 weeks ago came to 240 dollars. Called the owner to complain and was told that anything less doesn't pay her note on the place.

I have gotten 3 really poor washouts in the last month and a half. One of my aquaintances had his nose deck stacked for cows and Larry didn't even put a drop of water on it to clean it. Another was in to washout and one guy jumped up top and the other did the bottom, they then tried to bill for 2 washes.

I have found that if Terry or Pancho does the work you will get a good wash, if anyone else does it you better look through the whole trailer.

Being from Montana I do try to support local businesses, but can not recomend this washout to anyone.

Posted Tue, Dec 13 2016 09:29 PM CST

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It is not supprising to me that someone has finally had enough and is speaking out. In fact, I have spoke with other Montana drivers this year who have made negative comments regarding this establishment as well. It has gone from being the prime washout in the region to the last resort for many reasons.

First of all, you cannot have a succesful business if you cant seem to keep employees for more that a week or two. When we frequented this washout multiple times per week, you could count on who was going to be there at different times. As you mentioned, Scott, Larry is as lazy as they get. When we made a comment to him before about his poor performance, he basically made the reference that he knew what he was doing because he has been there for 25 years. Well, let me tell you, if it weren't for the "Wam Water Washout" Union, you may not have servived there that long.

In the deepest and most frozen trailers, I cannot say it has ever taken me more that 90 minutes to wash out a trailer. With the hot water and pressure they are equipped with, it should not take them more than that either. If thats the case, let the driver wash himself out and get down the road.

They made the comment a few weeks ago that things were a lot slower this year. It is unevitable that drivers talk about things like this. I can tell you that an owner who is not willing to fix the problems within her company is an owner with a business on the fast track to failure. There are too many better washouts down the road farther that are begging for business. I must say they have been recently getting all of mine.

As much as a Montana Trucking Company does their best to support another Montana business, there is a point and time where it just doesnt make sence anymore.