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Posted Sun, Nov 08 2009 12:36 AM CST
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Just recently we lost a regular fat cattle haul to a rate cutter. No big deal wasn't the best customer anyway but he cut the rate 65 cents when i called and asked him why and how he told me simple economics. He can load for Dodge City then find loads in Texas and Kentucky to head home. Last time i looked at a map unless your loading out of the panhandle Texas can be a hell of a long ways from Dodge City and Kentucky isn't no short drive either. But its simple economics i guesse this company doesn't own any trucks or trailers the have to farm out every load they get and hes teaching me the simple economics of the cattle shipping industry. I'm no economics professor but it sounds more like simpleton economics to me. Its all fine and dandy to go to Texas but the last time i checked it was pretty hard to find a load out of there come mid January and the calves in Kentucky and Tennessee don't go year around so then what he going to do open up his little economics text book i doubt the answers going to be in there. I think he should keep his simple economics out of the bull hauling industry.

Posted Mon, Nov 16 2009 10:30 AM CST
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He probably never has found out exactly what it costs to run his vehicle, $'s and ¢'s, you know a lot of folks have the mentality that any $$ is better than no $$ and those are the people we have got to deal with! It is really to bad, since it just ruins and hope of getting the rate up and keeping it at a place that a person can put and keep food on the table let alone pay for repairs and upkeep on equipment...  BACKHAUL- what a evil word!!!!!!