Posted Wed, Mar 09 2011 12:50 PM CST

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Been gettin a few funny looks out on the road so let me set some at ease. Yes just started haulin livestock for others been pullin wood but it looks shaky so i have some friends in this business and i like it so what the hell. I started driving trucks pretty much as soon as got big enough to reach the pedals, dad did it for years and me and my brother both wanted to do it too of course we bought 2 and tried it once flatbedding out in california but dads wife ripped us all off. Ive worn many other hats too though. Ive never had a damn thing that i didnt bust my ass every day to get. Dad never had nothin nor has anyone else to give me but i dont ask for handouts. I have never taken a single dime from any government or organization for any kind of assistance in my life.that goes for unemployment, welfare, workers comp, any stupid lawsuits, disability or any other form of making others pay for you. I went to prison for 5 years for using meth to work more and not being willing to tell where i got it. just didnt seem right to me. I do things not for how others might look at me but for what i see when i look in the mirror. I am a man and in a time when there are not alot of men.
I been reading alot of thisstuff and seems like everybody is mad at somebody. If you cut the rate to get home, if you deadhead home, if you own your truck if you drive for somone everybody wants to blame somone for their problems but there is no one person to blame for the mess we are in now. We all did it by voting for the people we have and living the lives we do. We have too many bums out here living off of us and not one politician will come out and say that. For years we have paid people to breed more bums. Our government makes no sense and cant even whipe its own ass. We need to throw it out and start all over.also we have no jobs because we ran them over seas. I helped. I cant afford the real wrangler jeans so i have the ones made in china from walmart for 10$ how about you??? so while trying to abide by all the stupid bull that they put me thru just to haul for people i get 100 calls a day from people wanting to sit at home and make money off my labor.(*&)*%& you!!!!
I own my old truck or well most of it now and by the time i get it paid all the way off it will be worn out. I try to run right but will do what it takes to get the animals there safe. If they put the box in the trucks i will quit. If truckers ever pulled together to stop this fuel price you have my word that i will park the day we say. I will do anything i can to help you if you are in trouble. If you try to steal from me or *(^%&& me out of my money I will beat your brains out with whatever i can find. I never seen a woman I didnt like. And i love to have a good time when i park. I have 2 little girls at home to feed and try to show a good life. I'm an american born and bred in appalachia and i have every right to work any way i see fit. I'll die to keep that.
That is who i am